The group in numbers

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tC02 avoided in 2021

Protagonists of the energy transition

We are an Italian company with more than 100 years of history that has been dedicated to renewable energy since 2002. We are active in the production of clean energy in Europe and in the United States, dealing with the development, design, construction and management of wind and photovoltaic plants.
In addition, we provide energy management services to both producers and consumers of energy, in particular with the technical-administrative management of third-party owned plants.

Sustainable in everything we do

Sustainability is central to our way of doing business.For us it means sharing the economic, social and environmental value generated by our activities with the territories and local communities that host our plants.
We have set ourselves the goal that local communities derive a tangible benefit from our presence, committing ourselves to support the local development of the places in which we operate in various ways. To do this, we adopt innovative tools, which have a significant impact in the territories in which we have used them, primarily the United Kingdom and Scandinavia.

The model of involvement of local communities

The territory, which provides us with the resources, the physical space and the relationships we need to conduct our activities, is for us an essential partner and an interlocutor of strategic importance. For this reason, we are committed to ensuring that communities; locals derive a tangible benefit from our presence, following different ways.

As the foundation of our commitment to communities that surround us, we have developed the Sustainability Charter, Decalogue with which we present to stakeholders and territories our desire to create a positive local impact through the implementation of a set of initiatives:

  • Promotion of local employment
  • Promotion of the local supply chain
  • Creation of a"Construction Liason"s Group" to listen to the needs of the territory
  • Support in the creation of professionals related to energy sustainability
  • Sharing of value with local communities
  • Respect and enhancement of the environmental context